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Classification Of Winch

- Apr 01, 2012 -

The winch is divided into three categories: pneumatic, manual, electric and hydraulic. The classification can be divided into the construction winch and the marine winch.

Winch According to function can be divided into: Marine winch, engineering winch, mine winch, cable winch and so on.

According to the roll form is divided into single reel and double reel.

According to the distribution of the drum is divided into two parallel rolls and two rolls.

Special types of winch are: inverter winch, double winch, hand brake lever type Double brake winch, with the limiter winch, electric control winch, electric control handbrake clutch winch, large double cylinder double brake winch, large external gear winch, large hydraulic winch, large external gear belt rope winch, double traction wheel winch, large hydraulic double-cylinder double brake winch, Inverter Belt Limiter rope-groove winch.

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