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Characteristic Use Of Winch

- Mar 23, 2012 -

Winch has the following characteristics: High universality, compact structure, small size, light weight, important, easy to use transfer, is widely used in construction, water conservancy, Forestry, mining, dock, such as material lifting or flat drag, can also be used as a modern electronic control automatic operation line supporting equipment. There are 0.5 tons of mesh tons, divided into fast and slow speed two. The above 20 tons for the large tonnage winch, winch can be used alone, also can be used as lifting, road construction and mine hoist machinery in the components, because of simple operation, large rope around, easy to move and widely used. The main technical indexes of winch are rated load, support load, rope speed, rope quantity, etc.

Winch Main use: first, as lifting equipment, used for mine hoist, well sinking and suspension (Take-off and landing) drilling equipment facilities, that is, along the wellbore to promote ore, waste (gangue) stone, lifting personnel, materials, tools and equipment, and so on; second, as a transport equipment, used for underground dispatching ore (harvesters), Stope rake ore (slag) or filling, Removal of pillars and so on.

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