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About starter

- Feb 10, 2012 -

As we all know, the starting of the engine need external support, the car starter is playing the role. In general, the boot machine uses three of components to implement the entire boot process. The DC series Excitation motor introduces the current from the battery and causes the starter's drive gear to produce mechanical motion; the transmission mechanism will drive the gear into the flywheel tooth ring, and can be automatically disconnected after the engine starts; the on-off of the starter circuit is controlled by an electromagnetic switch.

Among them, the motor is the main part of the starter, its working principle is that we are in junior high school physics in contact with the Ampere law based on the conversion of energy, that is, the power conductor in the magnetic field of the force. The motor comprises a necessary armature, a commutator, a magnetic pole, an electric brush, a bearing and a housing. The engine must be rotated by external forces before it can operate on its own power. The engine is referred to as the starting of the engine by the transition from static state to the process of operation. The common starting mode of engine is manpower start, auxiliary gasoline engine starting and electric power starting three kinds of forms. The use of a rope pull or a hand-cranked way, simple but inconvenient, and labor-intensive, only suitable for some small-power engines, in some cars only as a back-up way to keep; the auxiliary gasoline engine is mainly used in the high-power diesel engine; The Power start mode is easy to operate, start quickly, and has repetitive starting ability, And it can be controlled remotely, so it is widely used in modern automobiles.

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