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1T Air Hoist For Monkey Board

1T Air Hoist For Monkey Board

Air Hoists are the most ideal hoisting equipment, which are widely used in advanced countries for a long time.

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Air hoists have more incomparable advantages than electric hoists:

1. No spark to solve anti-explosion perfectly. Applicable to: Zone I dangerous places, including IIC, T5 Group and below.

2. Variable speed. During ascending and descending, the speed is 2-3 times than the electric hoists.

3. Acid and alkali resistance, steam proof, dust resistance.

4. Small size. The weight is 1/3-1/8 of electric hoists.

5. Simple control operation.

6. Accurate positioning.

7. Clean and green, safe and reliable. Its can be used in humid, high dust etc severe environment.

8. Durable structure to make a reliable operation and less maintenance.

For the above advantages, air hoists are widely used in petroleum, chemical, mining, textile, machinery producing, ships etc industries.

Parameters for 1T air hoist

1T Air Hoist