• Air Turbine Starter

    Air Turbine Starter

    Air turbine motor adopts compressed air as power to change air pressure energy into rotation mechanical energy, outputting torque to rotate. Advantages 1. The driving parts adopts double impellers...

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  • Air Powered Starter for Diesel Engine

    Air Powered Starter for Diesel Engine

    TMY series starting vane air motor is a starting device, adopting compressed air as its power to start diesel engine. This series motor adopts pre-engaged connecting style to start the diesel...

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  • Marine Air Starter

    Marine Air Starter

    Standard Features of marine air starter The driving parts adopts double impellers instead of vanes,fully utilizing air energy,with higher output power and higher efficiency Compact in size,light...

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  • Electric Starter Motor

    Electric Starter Motor

    Introduction of electric starter motor Electric starter motor is mainly used to start diesel engines. It adopts DC electricity to start, which is of reliable quality for applications. The provided...

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  • Pre Supplying Lube Pump

    Pre Supplying Lube Pump

    Introduction of pre-supplying lube pump Pre-supply lube pump is mainly used for diesel engine pre-oil system,. It is powered by DC motor, driving oil pump oiling. Replaced of previous manual oil...

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