• Heavy Duty Air Winch

    Heavy Duty Air Winch

    Introduction of Heavy Dutyair winch Heavy dutyair winches are widely used in offshore platforms, marines, ships etc. Its pull force is usually not less than 10 ton. This kind of air winches can be...

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  • Air Operated Winch

    Air Operated Winch

    Introduction of air operated winch Air operated winches take compressed air as its power source to drive air motor, via gearbox to rotate to pull cargos. Its are widely used in oilfields, offshore...

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  • Anti Explosive Air Winches

    Anti Explosive Air Winches

    Introduction of Anti explosive air winches The anti-explosive air winches are specially designed to fit for applications in explosive and flammable environments, such as underground mines,...

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  • Air Powered Hoist

    Air Powered Hoist

    Introduction Use Ordinary compress air (0.6-0.8Mpa) as driven power. With the feature of High efficiency, Small in Size, Light weight (1/3 – 1/8 as same capacity electric hoist), High...

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  • Electric Chain Hoist

    Electric Chain Hoist

    Product Application Double Beam Crane, Gantry Crane, Bridge Crane, Tower Crane, Single Grinder Crane, Lifting Platform, Small Crane. Parameters Product Features: 1.Shell: Made of die-cast aluminum...

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  • Vane Air Motor

    Vane Air Motor

    This series air starter is a starting device, adopting compressed air as its power to start diesel engine. This series starter adopts pre-engaged connecting style to start the engine which is more...

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  • Multi Purpose Air Driven Winch

    Multi Purpose Air Driven Winch

    Pneumatic tugger is powered by compressed air and it can be manually controlled. It's driven by the piston air motor and slowed down by gears.

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  • 5 Ton Pneumatic Winch

    5 Ton Pneumatic Winch

    ​5 ton pneumatic air powered winch is powered by piston air motor and remotely operated. It's mainly used for pulling or lifting heavy things in metal mine, coal mine, construction project, oil...

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  • Spark Resistant Air Powered Hoist

    Spark Resistant Air Powered Hoist

    Spark resistant air powered hoist is widely used in pharmaceutical construction, chemical fiber, mechanical repair, marine drilling, high-end defense and other fields.

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