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Why We Choose Pneumatic Hoists Rather Than Electric Hoists?

- Jan 16, 2018 -

Electric hoists as a lifting tool are convenient for industrial production. Workers use electric hoists to lift heavy stuff easily. However, electric hoists are too heavy to move. And they exist many risks while working. Therefore, we are willing to give you a better choice-pneumatic chain hoist. For environments where electricity is not suitable, a pneumatic chain hoist is ideal. Some of the benefits of Air/Pneumatic vs electric models include self-cooling motors, variable speed lifting, and load spotting ease. Air/Pneumatic Hoists are equipped with spark and corrosion resistance and accessories such as filter-lubricator units. Therefore, pneumatic hoists are generally more expensive than electric hoists. 

  Air chain hoists are the preferred products when a continuous duty cycle is required, where infinitely variable control is required, or the application is in an explosive environment. These hoists are ideal for the harsh environments found in steel mills, foundries, and electroplating operations. Your application may require the air hoist to have spark resistant features such as stainless steel hooks, stainless steel chain. Other items you need to consider when choosing an Air Chain Hoist is hoist Speed, Lift (length of chain), Suspension (Hook, Push Trolley, Motorized Trolley), Pendant station or Pull-Cord Controlled. You can be confident that any hoist you buy from our manufacturers will meet or exceed the standards and will provide years of service.

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