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Specification For Use Of Winches

- May 15, 2012 -

1. The winch must be set according to the requirement of specification. Its specification net height is not less than 2.0 meters net width is 2.4 meters, net deep 2.0 meters. The GOB roadway is based on the actual condition of the roadway, and it does not affect the safe operation principle.

2, winch Construction as far as possible using pneumatic tunneling, according to the different types of support in the roadway can be used in wood shed or I-beam shed support. The roof is in good condition using bolting net support, the roof is broken when using the frame shed support

3, 11.4KW small Winch Foundation must adopt concrete pouring, its foundation specification is 1.0x1.0x1.0 meters. The mix ratio of cement, yellow sand and stone (melon seed slices) in concrete is 1:2:2; water cement ratio is 0.4.

4, the winch uses the shelf support, to be carried out by the extroversion, the shed and the shed to use the wood or the rod to connect into a whole, waist, help to connect strict back real. The canopy is not more than 0.7 meters away. The spacing of the anchor rod is $literal when the bolt-net support is adopted.

5, winch Motor should be installed in the small winch nest in the side, the operation space should not be less than 0.8 meters;

6, the other according to the rules of operation of the relevant provisions of the implementation.

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