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Hoist Considerations

- Oct 02, 2012 -

(1) Each crane must be attached to a marked place with a nominal weight.

(2) in the work, no one on the bridge is allowed to transport people or hooks.

(3) No operation permit and drink are not allowed to drive cranes.

(4) The operation must be concentrated, not talking, smoking or doing nothing.

(5) The car should be clean and clean, no littering equipment, tools, flammable products, explosive products and dangerous goods.

(6) The crane is not allowed to use the super charge.

(7) The following conditions are not allowed to hoist: The bundle is not secure; the overload of the machine; an object that is buried or frozen in the ground; an inflammable product, explosive device, or dangerous goods without safety protection measures; The steel wire rope does not meet the requirement of safe use;

(8) When the crane is running on a line without obstructions, the hook or spreader and the bottom surface of the spreader must be above 2m above the ground. If the barrier is crossed, it must exceed 0.5m height.

(9) The lifting is less than the nominal weight of 50% of the object, allowing two of the mechanism at the same time, lifting more than the nominal weight of 50% of the object, you can only one mechanism action.

(10) A bridge crane with main and auxiliary hooks, not to ascend or descend the main and auxiliary hooks at the same time (special exception).

(11) Do not apply welding or hammering on the suspended objects and work under the object (can be supported).

(12) The inspection or maintenance work must be done after the power failure and the sign of the power failure operation on the switch. If the operation must be live, safety precautions shall be protected and special care will be provided.

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