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A Brief Introduction To Starter

- Jul 21, 2017 -

The starter is divided into DC starter, gasoline starter, compressed air starter and so on according to working principle. Most of the internal combustion engines are DC starter, which is characterized by compact structure, simple operation and easy maintenance. Gasoline starter is a small gasoline engine with clutch and variable speed mechanism, and it can start large-scale internal combustion engine and apply to cold zone because of its high power and low temperature. Compressed air starter is divided into two categories, one is the compressed air in accordance with the working order into the cylinder, one is the use of pneumatic motor drive flywheel. The use of compressed air starter is close to that of a petrol starter, which is usually used for the start-up of large internal combustion engines.

The DC starter is composed of a DC series excitation motor, a control mechanism and a clutch mechanism. It specializes in starting the engine and requires a strong torque, so the current is going to pass a large amount, reaching hundreds of amps.

DC motor at low speed when the torque is large, high speed when the torque gradually become smaller, very suitable for the use of motivation.

The starter adopts DC series-excited electric machine, the rotor and stator parts are made by the thicker rectangular section copper wire, the driving mechanism adopts the structure of the reducer gear, and the control mechanism adopts the electromagnetic magnetic suction method.

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