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What is a pneumatic motor

- Jul 21, 2012 -

Pneumatic motor is compressed air as the original motive of the working medium, it is the use of compressed gas expansion, the pressure can be converted to mechanical energy of the power plant.

Various types of gas motor although the structure is different, the working principle of the difference, but most of the gas motor has the following characteristics:

1. Can be stepless speed regulation. As long as the control intake valve or exhaust valve opening, that is, the control of compressed air flow, you can adjust the motor output power and speed. Can achieve the purpose of adjusting the speed and power.

2. Able to turn and reverse. Most of the gas motors simply use the control valve to change the motor inlet and exhaust direction, that is, the gas motor output shaft of the forward and reverse, and can be instantaneous reversing. The impact is small in the positive and negative transitions. One of the main advantages of gas-motor reversing is its ability to rise almost instantaneously to full speed. The vane-type gas motor can rise to full speed within one and a half hours; the piston-type gas motor can rise to full speed in less than a second. The use of the control valve to change the direction of the intake, can achieve positive and negative turn. The time of the reverse turn is short, the speed is fast, the impact is small, and no unloading load is required.

3. Work safety, not by vibration, high temperature, electromagnetic, radiation and other effects, applicable to the harsh working environment, in flammable, explosive, high-temperature, vibration, damp, dust and other unfavorable conditions can work normally.

4. Overload protection will not fail due to overload. Overload, the motor is only the speed of the reduction or stop, when the overload is lifted, immediately can again normal operation, does not produce mechanical damage and other failures. Can be loaded for a long time continuous operation, temperature rise smaller.

5. With high starting torque, can be directly loaded with load starting. Start and stop are fast. Can be started with load. Start and stop quickly.

6. Power range and speed range is wide. The power is small to hundreds of watts, up to tens of thousands of watts, and can rotate from 01 to a minute.

7. Easy to operate, maintenance and repair easier gas motor with simple structure, small size, light weight, large horsepower, easy to operate, convenient maintenance. 8. The use of air as a medium, no supply difficulties, the use of air does not need to deal with, put into the atmosphere non-polluting compressed air can be centralized supply, long-distance transport

Because the gas motor has above many characteristics, it can be in damp, high temperature, high dust and other harsh environment work. In addition to being used in mining machinery, such as drilling, drilling, loading and other equipment as the driving force, shipbuilding, metallurgy, chemical industry, papermaking and other industries are also widely used.

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