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The institutional characteristics of starter

- Mar 18, 2012 -

The p11c engine deceleration starter has the following notable characteristics:

The ① power output structure is divided into two parts: the electric pivot and the drive shaft. The two ends of the armature are supported by ball bearings, the load distribution is uniform, the use time is long, not easy to wear, armature is short, not easy to appear armature bending, grinding bad magnetic field windings.

② used a deceleration device, between the rotor and start gear, the installation of a deceleration gear, starting motor transmission to the starting gear torque will increase. By using the electromagnetic switch, the power output of the motor (after the deceleration gear) is the starting gear and the starting gear shaft, while the meshing part is not moved. Small output power starter, often using the external meshing mode, the output power of the starter with a large internal meshing mode.

③ deceleration starter is operated by electromagnetic switch, and some auxiliary switch (or accessory switch) is available. Its function is to prevent the burnout of the solenoid switch and the switch (starter). The rated power supply can greatly reduce the possibility of the starter damage and prolong the life of the starter.

The volume and weight of the ④ reducer starter is about half of the traditional starter, which saves the raw materials and is conveniently disassembled and repaired.

The magnetic pole logarithm of the ⑤ deceleration starter is the same as that of the traditional starter, but the coil windings often adopt the method of multiple-root series of small conductors, although the winding method of armature windings is the same as the traditional principle, but the manufacturing technology is advanced.

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