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The basic meaning of motor

- May 09, 2012 -

The electronic starter is now commonly referred to as the motor, also known as the starter. It rotates the starter rotor by force in the magnetic field by means of a wire loop, and the pinion on the rotor drives the flywheel of the engine to rotate, driving the crankshaft to rotate. The new low cost spark plugs and starter with porcelain core base have been innovated, which lays the technical foundation of automobile development.

The electronic starter abandons the bulky and dangerous crank, making the car's driving more safe and convenient, especially by the new consumer group, including women. At the time, GM Cadillac branch manager Henry Lilland immediately keenly aware of the potential of the technology, and quickly as a standard configuration, used in the company's 1912 version of the Cadillac model, this Cadillac also named "No Crank car." The advent of electronic starter is still recognized as the most influential vehicle innovation of the 20th century.

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