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The advantages for air hoist

- Mar 29, 2018 -

It is said that science and technology are the primary productive forces, and indeed it is. The development of science and technology has led to the innovation of various mechanical equipments, which has further promoted the development of production. Among the hoisting and hoisting machinery and equipment, the replacement of hoists is very rapid. From the earliest chain hoists to electric hoists and now to the air powered hoist, it has injected new vitality into industrial production and processing. So, what kind of hoist is a air powered hoist? What are its characteristics?

The main components of the air powered hoist include the lifting part, the walking part and the gas distribution system. The lifting part is the use of a pneumatic motor as a source of power, and then supplemented with brakes, hooks, reducers, controllers and other facilities to achieve the lifting of heavy objects; walking part is actually a small car, through the pneumatic motor to obtain power, can be achieved The horizontal movement after lifting; The gas distribution system is the power control system of the entire hoist, which controls the lifting and moving of heavy loads by controlling the release of compressed air.

Compared with other traditional gourds, air powered hoists have many advantages.

First of all, accurate positioning, other traditional gourds in the lifting and moving of heavy objects, it is very easy to deviation, often need to manually repeat the auxiliary operations to achieve the final accurate positioning, and the hoist through the precise control system, can this error Reduced to less than one centimeter.

Second, the operation is simple and the speed is adjustable. On the one hand, it incorporates a modern automated control system. The entire lifting and moving process can be completed with only a few buttons. It is very simple and convenient. It does not require high professionalism. On the other hand, it adopts an infinitely variable transmission system. The degree can reach three to five times that of ordinary electric hoists, and the precise loading of goods can be achieved through slow control.

Finally, multiple protection measures. Overload protection is added to automatically issue an alarm when a heavy object is overweight, and an operation cannot be performed. The operator is reminded to perform a weight reduction process, and a gas shutoff protection is added. The original operation can be maintained when the pneumatic motor is stopped, and heavy objects can be prevented from dropping suddenly. , danger.

The intelligence of human beings is to be able to use a variety of mechanical equipment to help them complete the production and processing, air powered hoist is the upgrading of electric hoist products, in the actual use of the process can help operators save time and effort, while fully enclosed The equipment structure also eases the burden of maintenance. In short, the air powered hoist is durable and it is a very worthwhile choice in the hoisting process.

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