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Safety Requirements for lifting devices

- Nov 07, 2012 -

1. The ratio of the minimum diameter of the drum, the wheel, the leading wheel and the guide wheel to the diameter of the wire rope is not less than 60.

2. Two-layer wire rope is allowed on the reel of lifting device specially used for lifting material.

3, if the drum winding two or multi-layer wire rope, must comply with the following provisions:

(1) The drum edge should be higher than the most outer layer of wire rope, the height difference is not less than 2.5 times times the diameter of wire rope;

(2) The roller must be provided with a wooden liner with a spiral groove;

(3) Special attention should be paid to the inspection of the steel wire rope from the lower layer to the upper critical section (equivalent to One-fourth rope ring length) part, and count its broken silk number, every quarter to the wire rope to move One-fourth laps position.

4, steel wire rope line sturdy in the drum inside, should abide by the following provisions:

(1) The installation of a fixed wire rope in the roller is not allowed to be fixed on the roller shaft;

(2) The rope on the roller is not allowed to have sharp edges and burrs, the bend is not allowed to form sharp corners, to prevent the deformation of wire rope;

(3) The roller must always maintain a three-ring wire rope as a friction ring to reduce the tension between the wire rope and the drum connection.

Standby wire Ropes for the purpose of regular testing can be kept in the rollers or wound around the rollers.

5, the wheel rim of the wheel must be higher than the wire rope in the rope groove, the higher part should be greater than the wire rope diameter 1.5 times times. With padded wheels, the liner must be tightly fastened. GASKET wear up to a wire rope diameter depth, or along the side wear wire rope diameter of half, should be replaced immediately.

6, in the inclined shaft with the mine hoist material, lifting the container's maximum speed, must obey the inclined shaft length is greater than 300m, must not surpass/.

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