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Safety practices for winches do you know?

- Sep 15, 2012 -

Pre-operation inspection of the hoist:

1, Check the joint parts of the bolt is loose, the pin shaft is loose.

2. Check whether the oil quality is qualified by the lubricating parts, whether it is adequate or not.

3, Check the braking system work brake and safety gate is flexible and reliable, clearance, travel and wear to meet the requirements.

4, Check all kinds of safety protection device is accurate and reliable action.

5, Check a variety of instruments and lighting sound signal is clear and accurate;

6. Check whether the temperature of the main motor meets the requirements.

Safety regulations for winch transportation:

Cars used in transport must meet the following requirements:

1, Winch each class before the work to do a detailed inspection, found that the problem is not resolved before use;

2, The winch should have double braking device, should be able to separate the function, also can simultaneously function, to guarantee the winch safety braking,

3, When the power failure, the winch lifting material should be slowly lowered to the inclined shaft (or slope) at the end, prohibit the material hanging on the Banpo;

4, The use of wire rope should be checked once a day.

5, Improve transport should be clear signal, the driver should listen to clear signal, in the operation, the driver should be equipped with a person, generally should be carried out after training, can be the driver's position, not the driver should not carry out the lifting operation.

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