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marine pneumatic winch

- Mar 15, 2018 -

The marine pneumatic winch is driven by compressed air. It uses the expansion of the compressed gas to convert the pressure energy into a mechanical power device. Because of the different types of pneumatic motors, the structure is not communicated. The working principle is somewhat different, but most The marine pneumatic winch motors all have the following features:

Characteristic 1: The marine pneumatic winch can regulate the speed without restrictions. As long as the flow of compressed air is controlled, the output power and the rotation speed of the motor can be regulated, and the speed and power can be adjusted.

Feature 2: The marine pneumatic winch can rotate forwards and backwards. Most of the pneumatic motors can change the direction of the intake and exhaust of the motor by simply manipulating the valve. This can achieve the purpose of adjusting forward rotation or reverse rotation. Can instantly switch.

Feature 3: The marine pneumatic winch is safe to use, and the air motor will not be affected by vibration, high temperature, electromagnetic and radiation, it can be used in any working environment, and it is inflammable, explosive, high temperature, vibration, humidity, dust, etc. Working environment can be used normally and work normally.


Feature 4: The marine pneumatic winch has an overload protection function, and it will not cause accidental failure due to overload. In overload, the motor will only slow down or stop, but as long as the overload is released, it can work normally.

Feature 5: The marine pneumatic winch has a relatively high starting torque and can be loaded with a load and can be pneumatically loaded.

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