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How Motor Works

- Jul 09, 2012 -

Working principle of starter

The control device of the motor vehicle starter includes the electromagnetic switch, the starting relay and the ignition starter switch lamp parts, in which the electromagnetic opening about the starter is produced together.

I. Electromagnetic switch

1. Structure characteristics of electromagnetic switch

The electromagnetic switch mainly consists of electromagnet mechanism and motor switch. The electromagnet is composed of a fixed iron core, an active core, a suction coil and a holding coil. Fixed core fixed, movable core can make axial movement in copper sleeve. Movable core front end fixed with a push rod, the front end of the push rod is fitted with a switch contact plate, the movable core after the section with the adjustment screws and connecting pins and fork connection. The copper sleeve is fitted with a reset spring, which is used to reposition movable parts such as movable core.

2. Electromagnetic switch Working principle

When the magnetic flux of the suction coil and the holding coil is in the same direction, the electromagnetic suction is superimposed to attract the movable core to move forward until the contact plate on the front end of the push rod connects the electric switch contact point to the main circuit of the motor.

When the suction coil and keep the coil power generated by the opposite direction of the magnetic flux, its electromagnetic suction offset each other, in the role of the reset spring, movable core, such as removable parts automatically reset, contact and contact Disconnect, motor main circuit disconnect.

Second, starting relays

The schematic diagram of the starting relay, as shown in the upper left corner of the figure, consists of an electromagnet mechanism and a contact assembly. The coil is connected with the ignition switch terminal and the Iron Terminal "E" on the shell respectively, the fixed contact is connected with the starter terminal "S", and the movable contact point is connected with the battery terminal "BAT" by the contact arm and the bracket. Starting relay contacts are often open contacts, when the coil power, the relay core will generate electromagnetic force, so that its contact closed, so that the relay control of the suction coil and keep the coil circuit connected.

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