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Air/pneumatic Driven Winch Hoist

Air/pneumatic Driven Winch Hoist

YS air hoists are all precision built chain type hoists which are designed with features a pendant throttle control, a swivel top mount hook and a swivel load chain hook with safety latch.

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Product Details

Air/pneumatic Driven Winch Hoist


 Suitable for complex and dangerous environment.

 Simple operation

 Precise positioning

 Adjustable speed

 Overload protection

 Less parts, a small amount of maintenance, long service life

 Light weight, small size, easy to use

 Less air consumption and efficient


• The internal silencer reduces noise

• Gear reduction planetary

• T8 gauge chain, calibration chain with sufficient alloy steel.

• Protection against the cut of the air

• Apply on a complex and dangerous workplace.

• Apply to the environment with limited space

• Fewer components, low maintenance, long service life.

• Lightweight and easy to use.

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