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Air Powered Hoists

  • Air Powered Hoist

    Air Powered Hoist

    Air Powered Hoist uses Ordinary compress air (0.6-0.8Mpa) as driven power. With the feature of High efficiency, Small in Size, Light weight (1/3 – 1/8 as same capacity electric hoist), High...

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  • Chain Air Hoist

    Chain Air Hoist

    Chain air hoist is a kind of lifting machine powered by compressed air, it is the most ideal lifting equipment in the world.

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  • Air/pneumatic Driven Winch Hoist

    Air/pneumatic Driven Winch Hoist

    YS air hoists are all precision built chain type hoists which are designed with features a pendant throttle control, a swivel top mount hook and a swivel load chain hook with safety latch.

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  • Air Manipulator Hoist

    Air Manipulator Hoist

    Air manipulator Hoist is a small lifting equipment, small size and light weight. You can operate our product easily when you lifting cargos. The air chain hoist all can use in the industrial,...

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  • Spark Resistant Air Powered Hoist

    Spark Resistant Air Powered Hoist

    Spark resistant air powered hoist uses 0.5-0.6Mpa ordinary compressed air as the power source, small size, light weight (for the same tonnage electric hoist 1 / 3-1 / 8), explosion (grade I...

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  • 30Ton Offshore Platform BOP Air Chain Hoist

    30Ton Offshore Platform BOP Air Chain Hoist

    Rugged, Oil Field Tough Design Features: All steel and cast iron construction. 100% duty cycle. True vertical lift. Fully enclosed, planetary gearing. Zinc plated load chain. Corrosion resistant...

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  • Air Driven Hoist

    Air Driven Hoist

    Air Driven Hoist is designed to be used in explosive atmospheres that reducing the risk of spark to ATEX level (Ex) II 2GD c T5 IIB T100° is required.

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  • Compact Design Air Hoist with Trolley

    Compact Design Air Hoist with Trolley

    The compact design air hoist with trolley are designed to be working in the daily pulling applications. Featuring small size they are portable and easy to carry around. And with trolley mounted to...

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  • Air Chain Hoist

    Air Chain Hoist

    The air chain hoists YS produced, featuring compact, robust and modular design, are perfectly suitable for applications where frequent load lifting is of necessity such as assembly line,...

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  • Air Operated Chain Hoist

    Air Operated Chain Hoist

    The air operated chain hoists are designed with lightweight, small body and spark-resistant to be suitable for different kind of applications include but not limited to offshore and onshore...

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  • 2 Ton Air Chain Hoist

    2 Ton Air Chain Hoist

    The 2 ton air chain hoists features extremely lightweight of 36Kg, which makes it an excellent choice to be working in environment where lightweight and reliable tools are required

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  • Air Driven Chain Hoist

    Air Driven Chain Hoist

    A Air Driven Chain Hoist is the most optimum lifting device in the world and has been widely used in industrially developed countries, because it is explosion-proof, area, with 100% work system,...

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